Friday, June 12, 2020

professor's Journey

Professor’s Journey It was a cold and misty morning, it was nice and warm in the cottage. I was on my way to the kitchen, I quietly walked past Professor Plum's room. Then all of a sudden I heard some glass breaking behind me. I thought it was just the cat knocking down a glass cup so I ran to the library but nothing had been smashed. Then I looked behind me and there were several black figures walking in through a smashed window. I didn’t know what to do so yelled for Professor Plum but there was no response. One of the black figures came over to me and hit me in the head. When I woke up the doors had been glued down with gold and 15 layers of metal. At least we are rich now. The professor was on the ground looking through the books that one of the figures had knocked down. As the professor was on the ground he noticed that one of his books was gone. Then he said “The book contains dark magic and whoever opens it the most powerful demon of all time will be unleashed and everyone in the world is doomed”. The professor was close to a heart attack so I made him take deep breaths. About three hours had passed and I hadn’t even had breakfast. I asked the professor if he would like a drink but he said, “no time for silly drinks”. I was really surprised because he always has a drink each day but I understand that he doesn’t have time for one. The professor said this and I got scared. “We need to go after them and get the book before it’s too late.” I said “ you're crazy and of course we're too late” but he just ignored me. He told me to pick up all the books and then he was off to another potion. This time he was saying this “vimala chithi mope and flappy”. I got really confused maybe it’s a new spell. When I finished picking up the books I got all the stuff for the journey. But as I finished the professor said “ we don’t need that rubbish we need magic and all that type of stuff now go”. When I was finally done I went to the professor and said, “should I get the horses ready?” This was his response; “no I quickly made a teleporting potion” as he smashed the bottle on the ground a huge portal appeared . The professor walked through but I thought it wouldn’t work. Then the professor said “ I see them, now come and be quiet” As I walked through I saw the men they were trying to summon the demon.That’s when the professor yelled “A mates what ya doing?” I said “ I thought you said to be quiet”. But the professor said “no I didn’t and why are you trying to be quiet you should be loud like me” I said confused “ what do you mean? you are trying to get the book back right?” but he said “na forget it we don’t need it anymore” that is when I knew that HE IS THE FAKE PROFESSOR PLUM! I pushed the man on the ground and said “ WHERE IS THE PROFESSOR!” The fake said, “what do you mean, I am the real”. I knew he was lying so I had nothing to do but make him see who’s boss. I raised my fist and yelled once more then he said, “he’s in the cave with the demon's pet” scaredly. I ran to the cave and sure enough there he was. In a cave by a giant wolf about half the size of the demon. As I walked close to the wolf where the Professor was. I went to him and the wolf woke up! I grabbed the REAL plum and made a run for it. The wolf started running after us. The wolf was right behind me. Then I pulled out a potion from the professor's bag and threw it at the wolf hoping that it would make it fall back to sleep again. But instead it made a ring of fire around the wolf. so the overgrown wolf was trapped. We ran past the men I grabbed from the book but I was too late. The demon had been summoned. But as soon it had all its power and was ready to blow up the world Plum threw two Potions at the demon. One made A force field above the demon in around it and the other made a portale and sent the demon back to its realm for another 300,0000000 years. As we got back home instead of putting the book on the bookshelf we put it with our giant snake in the basement. The End

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

My Animation

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Mothers Day

Mothers day

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Monday, March 23, 2020

Zucchini Fritters😣

On the 26 of Jan. The Hoiho class made zucchini fritters for the whole school. First we had to get all the ingredients and tools. Then Harrison cut off the rotten bits. Then nearly everyone took turns at grating the zucchini. When we were finished grating them Miss Cummins poured salt all over the zucchini.

As we waited . . . We made the gluten free mix and the non so gluten free mix everyone could have some. Then my friend and I crack some eggs into each bowl. After that some kids started to cut up some parsley and I cut up the spring onion. It really hurt my eyes then I put it in the mix’s . When they were full of spring onion we mixed it until it looked fluffy. After that my class and I walked down to the middle class with the mixture. Four kids cut up some lettuce and tomato for the salad my teacher turned on the flame to cook the Fritters then we pord in the zucchini into the mix. It was time to cook. As my teacher was cooking one of my classmates and I set up the taleb outside for everyone to eat. When the fritters were ready and cooked we brought them outside and ate the fritters we also shared it with the whole school.

The End : )

Monday, January 27, 2020

Heaps of people thought that kupe was the first person that found new Zealand. But she wasn’t the Mario was already there. 

In 1642 Abel Tasman came from The Netherlands, and found New Zealand. Then said he was the first.

By Evannah  

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

People from the Pacific used the sun,moon,stars, planets, and clouds as guides to see the ocean in a way we dont. They were also fantastic explorers and navigators.

The voyages began in 1500.bc. Who would settle in Polynesia and first set sail to south east Stagea.

By Evannah