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This story is about a boy who gets superpowers.

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rocky shoer

 Don came to school

On wednesday a man called Don ( Zak’s Dad) Don came to kokatahi  kowhitirangi school he went into the kea room to tall us all about the sea because the kea class did not get to go t rocky shore.
Don brought shall’s, skols, his computer, and his pepeha. First Don said is pepeha he said it loud and proud to the Kea and hoiho class’s. Next Don shode us a seal skol it took quite a bit long to get the right answer Don pretend that the seal was turking there was a funny bit someone arcked  Don a question then the cast went funny and Don yaled NO  I said to the girl he said your answer.

After that Don shode use a define skol it had no nose, no jour cochin to holed the jour. Then Don shode us another define skol but it was so smelly you could small it from a mile away. Then Don said to us if you dive into the ocean a blue code will come up to you and think what are you? Then you will put your head up and then it will see its reflection and start bang into your gogils.